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Designing an Audio System: From the Home Theater to the Whole House
Free webcast that covered the decisions dealers need to make 
in designing and specifying home audio systems.

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Originally broadcast live on 
April 26th @ 2:00PM est

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Audio systems for home entertainment used to be simple. For surround sound, you had 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 set-ups. For whole-house music, you had only a few options for sources, speakers and topologies.
Today, however, we have a wide range of choices from the way systems are wired (or not), amplified, and controlled … to the protocols used for streaming and surround sound … to the selection of speakers and where to put them.
  • Learn the decisions dealers need to make in designing and specifying home audio systems.
  • Control4 product managers will draw from their extensive experience in multiroom audio, as well as the loudspeaker expertise gained from the recent acquisition of Triad.
  • Offer suggestions for elevating the sound of your video entertainment throughout the home by choosing the right soundbar and subwoofer combo. 
  • They will also cover the design of audio systems for Dolby Atmos, which is changing the way we listen to movies.
Guest Speaker:
Kordon Vaughn
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, 
Guest Speaker:
Steven Colburn
Design Services Manager, 

April 26th @ 2:00PM est

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