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The Power of Business Data: How Kramer Control Automatically Delivers Analytics
Organizations increasingly rely on business data to make decisions about, well, everything. Join this free webinar presented by Commercial Integrator and Kramer to learn how to leverage Kramer Control not only to deliver robust automation solutions to your customers with little to no programming but how to continually use the analytics engine to churn out much-needed business data.
Originally recorded live on Wednesday, September 27th

Join The Webcast With 
Tom LeBlanc,
Editor- in- Chief, 
Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker:
Clint Hoffman,
Kramer Electronics 

Guest Speaker:
Brian Morris,
Kramer Control Product Manager, 
Kramer Electronics 

Live Online Event
The business analytics market is growing at 11.7 percent CAGR through to 2020. The recent shift toward so many technology, security and facilities decisions being made by organization’s IT departments has had a big impact. Decisions are being made with an IT mindset. That means business data is treasured as a means for predicting return on investments (ROI).
Attendees will walk away understanding: 
  • The 360-degree view of businesses that Kramer Control provides with deep insights such as room usage and operational efficiency
  • How the automatic data gathering works with no need to predefine which data to collect
  • Kramer Control’s ability to deliver remote access from anywhere so you’re no longer tethered to a control center
  • How Kramer Control generated Embedded Analytics (EA) can impact an organization’s decision-making
  • Most importantly, how to use Kramer Control to get started delivering business data from a control architecture
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