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Improving Emergency Response with Coordination and Situational Awareness
In this free, one hour Campus Safety webcast on Sept. 27th, experts will discuss the importance of a seamless emergency response.
Originally recorded live on Wednesday, September 27th

Moderated by: 
Chelsea Cafiero, 
Senior Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Guest Speaker:
David Trask,
National Director - Facilities Solutions,
ARC Technology Solutions

Guest Speaker:
David Burns,
Certified Emergency Manager, Consultant for EM Program Development, Mass Notification and Crisis Management

Live Online Event
When a crisis strikes at your institution, campus officials need to be prepared to initiate emergency protocols, monitor the situation in real time and share information with response agencies as the situation evolves.
During this webcast, you'll hear from experts in emergency response and information management about their experiences responding to crises like active shooter incidents, fire and water emergencies.

The presentation will cover:

  • Firsthand experience managing emergency situations
  • The importance of information sharing during emergency responses
  • Available solutions to ensure efficient and effective campus operations when your campus needs them the most

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