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Say Hello to the Future of AV Connectivity: Fiber
Recorded Live October 24, 2018
Jointly presented by CE Pro and Commercial Integrator magazines, part III of the CEPro Webcast series “A Case for Using Fiber Cables over Category Cables” looks at fiber cable and the topic of how fiber supports today’s high-speed HDMI applications.

Recorded live on October 24 and moderated by CE Pro and Commercial Integrator staff member Bob Archer, part III of the webinar series features expert commentary from guest speakers that include Whitney White, co-founder, CTO, Chromis and Ali Haghjoo, CEO of Hall Research.

The one-hour webinar will discuss the basics of fiber cable, as well as how its bandwidth capabilities support today’s and tomorrow’s AV formats, and guidelines for specifying and installing fiber products.

Bob Archer

CE Pro,
Commercial Integrator

Ali Haghjoo

Hall Research




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