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Campus Safety Webcast
Sponsored by:
Media Sonar
Campus Safety Presents....
How Unified Access Control and Video Surveillance is Key to Campus Security
Recorded Live on October 25, 2018
During this session, we will provide a full-on approach to campus safety and discuss the role of having a unified solution, access control and video surveillance to ensure a more well-rounded approach to safety.

Moderated by: 
Katie Malafronte

Campus Safety

Terry Schulenburg

Higher Education Business Development Manager, Genetec
By attending this free webinar, attendees will learn:
  •  the benefits of a unified approach to college safety
  •  how many campuses only focus on video and that only provides half the picture 
  •  trends & challenges in campus security
  •  preparing your campus for the future
  •  how technology can help campuses to evolve their strategy

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