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Securing the Weakest Link in K-12 Schools
Recorded live on March 7, 2019
For students to thrive in their classrooms, they need not only educational tools to learn but also an environment that allows them to achieve their full potential — one where they feel safe. Controlling access is a critical part of providing a safe learning atmosphere. 

Allegion Consultant Peter Toney will walk participants through developing a K-12 school security strategy. He will discuss benefits of a layered security approach and a secure building perimeter. Peter will be joined by Kevin Wren, director of risk, security and emergency management at Rock Hill School District, who will speak about how his district developed its security strategy.

Moderated by: 
Katie Malafronte
Web Editor, 
Campus Safety Magazine

Peter Toney,
Allegion electronic sales engineer

Kevin Wren,
Director of risk, security and emergency management, Rock Hill School District

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • build a school security strategy by assessing the facility, considering each building layer and involving the correct people and resources to form a safety committee. 
  • explain the importance of a secure building perimeter as part of a layered school security approach. 
  • discuss commonly overlooked aspects of perimeter security such the prevalence of mechanically unlocking and locking perimeter doors
  •  Identify solutions for improving the security of secondary entrances and leverage best practices and lessons learned from Rock Hill School District

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