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Campus Safety Webcast
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Campus Safety Presents....
Simplify the Complex with Inline Personalization
Recorded live Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Discover how inline personalization effectively and efficiently improves the issuance of thousands of student ID cards for incoming freshman. 

This webinar shares best practices gathered from universities and colleges on how you can reduce long lines while also enhancing the experience for everyone involved in the issuance process. 

Moderated by: 
Katie Malafronte

Web Editor, Campus Safety

Nils Wahlander

Senior Product Marketing Manager at HID Global
Key takeaways:
  •  Enhance the orientation experience for both operators and students – eliminate the awkward moments of waiting for a card to be printed 
  •  Instant access – students will be able to use their card as soon as its printed! No longer needing to get the card turned on or getting accessed denied because the card number was entered incorrectly
  •  Simplifies the complex – no longer need to jump between multiple applications to issue credentials 
  •  Understanding if inline personalization is right for you
  •  What questions to ask during the evaluation process of both card printers and software

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